Improving the quality of life
with advanced technology.

How healthy are you?

Are you healthy? If you say “Yes”, what makes you think so?

Most people hope to live a healthy and happy life. However, many don’t know their actual health condition until they experience disease symptoms.

What if an illness affects you suddenly? What if an illness changes your life terribly?

SYMAX has created an innovative and hassle-free product that detects diseases and illnesses early. Designing such a device is not an easy job. To enable a better future, talented people have gathered and are continuously working on the technology development.

We want to encourage early detection and early treatment of diseases. We continue innovation in healthcare to improve quality of life for everyone.

What We Do

We think it is important to be aware of the situation as early as possible, even before symptoms appear.

SYMAX is developing an easy-to-use product that detects diseases and illnesses early. The health condition of anyone can be easily monitored anytime with the service that we are developing.

Our Services

Easy to Check, Better health

Symax provides a noble preventive healthcare service by designing a urine analyzing device that can easily be set up onto any toilet.

This service are not intended to be used by the customer for any diagnostic purpose and are not a substitute for professional medical advice.

News Release

2016/12/13 SPEAKING: Second digital health symposium presented by Kyoto University and Bayer Yakuhin, Ltd.: Early diagnosis and disease prevention
2016/12/10 SPEAKING: IoMT Summit 2016 “Inaugural Meeting of the IoMT Academic Society” presented by Society of Internet of Medical Things
Session 3: The Potential of IoMT from the Perspective of a Private Company
2016/11/10 SPEAKING: Fukuoka Startup Selection presented by Fukuoka City
Fukuoka City Award of Excellence for demonstration experiment of full support project
2016/9/1 MEDIA: “The World and Tokyo in 2020" from "Pen" Magazine, Aug 2016, published by CCC Media House
2016/8/2 MEDIA: ITmediaNEWS
Physical condition can be analyzed by urine? “IoT Toilet” What’s the goal?
2016/6/6 SPEAKING: Lecture at Department of Medical System Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Chiba University
Lecture and Panel Discussion “Design methodology of a medical device, a case study from a health care start-up"
2016/5/24 MEDIA: Nikkei Business Online
Early detection of lifestyle-related diseases with toilet big data
2016/3/10 MEDIA: "Young Goethe" magazine, 10 Mar 2016, published by Gentosha
Young Goethe Column “Flexible and Strong-Minded Young Entrepreneurs” seeking simple methods for preventative care
2016/3/7 MEDIA: Forbes Japan Entrepreneur “Innovative Women Change Healthcare With Toilet"  
2016/3/4 SPEAKING: Lecture at the first joint meeting of Smart IoT Acceleration Forum, presented by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
2016/2/24 PRESS RELEASE Notice of corrections regarding a false claim in a news report
2016/2/23 MEDIA: Our Service was introduced on TV Tokyo's World Business Satellite news program
2016/2/10 PRESS RELEASE:
“SYMAX, an IoT-related company developing a health monitoring service with toilet data, will conduct demonstration experiments and expand their business domestically and internationally with Sojitz Corporation .”
2016/2/10 MEDIA: Nikkei Sangyo Newspaper
“When using the toilet, automatic urine analysis service will be provided by SYMAX and Sojitz Corporation
“SYMAX, a health monitoring with toilet data, has started demonstration experiments of their IoT services with Sojitz Corporation”
2016/2/10 MEDIA: IoT NEWS
“SYMAX, developing a health monitoring service with toilet data, conducts demonstration experiments and expand their businesses domestically and internationally with Sojitz Corporation .”
2016/1/25 MEDIA: “Forbes Japan” Magazine, Mar 2016
Interview title “Sickness, can’t we do anything about it?”
2015/12/13 Venture Beat
Meet 5 of Japan’s most prominent health care startups: Symax, Clintal, and more
Dec 9th, 2015 TechCrunch Japan
Dec 9th, 2015 THE BRIDGE
Dec 9th, 2015 THE BRIDGE
Japan’s preventive healthcare startup Symax secures funding from Draper Nexus, others
Dec 9th, 2015 Press Release
「Draper Nexus Venture Partners II、LLC、株式会社iSGインベストメントワークス、その他個人投資家より資金調達を実施」
Dec 9th, 2015 Winner of NEDO Technology commercialization program
Dec 3rd, 2015 MEDIA: Nihon Keizai Sangyo Shimbun(newspaper)
Dec 2nd, 2015 Winner of Asia Innovation Forum Young 2015
Nov 15th, 2015 明星和楽 2015 スタートアップショーケース 紙面掲載
Nov 12th, 2015 MEDIA: Nikkei Digital health
Nov 4-5th, 2015 Winner of Health 2.0 Tokyo 2015 Afternoon Pitch Competition
Nov 4th, 2015 THE BRIDGE
医療カンファレンス「Health 2.0」スタートアップピッチの優勝者は、トイレに装着する小型デバイス「SYMAX」

About us

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